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Food Allergies and Cat Dandruff

Hi, Dr. Welch,
I hope the following review is helpful for your practice.

I have been receiving AAT treatments by Dr. Welch since 2018 with remarkable results.

I did not know I had allergic reactions to common food items such as tomatoes and mushrooms, but I was delighted to find out my symptoms of runny nose and sneezing (which I suspected was due to some kind of allergic reaction) almost completely vanished after the treatments.

When I had returning symptoms in 2022, I was re-tested and was found to have allergies to cat dandruffy which I didn't have before, and again with the treatment by Dr. Welch, I was able to play with the kittens with abandon.

The AAT diagnosis and treatments are amazingly simple and painless compared to the traditional allergy treatments. I remember the annoying allergen testing on my back that I received once and all the antihistamines I had to take with only temporary reliefs.

It is a shame that AAT is not more widely recognized and available for the general population.

I would highly recommend AAT by Dr. Welch to anyone who suffers allergic conditions.


Dr. Shinn Retired General Surgeon October 6, 2022

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Pueblo Attorney Very Sensitive to Cats

The results (of the AAT treatment for Cat health stressor) are nothing short of miraculous.  I can breathe free and easy (around cats) for the first time that I can remember.

Matthew Martin Attorney November 7, 2022

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Dermatology Nurse Bothered by Patients Who Have Cigarette Smoke on Clothing

As an office nurse, I am around patients with smoke-saturated clothing. The results are burning watering eyes, stuffy nose, and coughing feeling like I’ve swallowed pepper.  (After treatment with the AAT technology for the cigarette health stressor)  Thank goodness this reaction to cigarette smoke has dramatically decreased.

Paula Neuhaus Nurse November 7, 2022

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Pueblo CPA with Asthmatic Son

Due to the AAT treatments for various health stressors you found on my son, I cannot remember the last time he had difficulty breathing, coughing, or had an Asthma attack for that matter.

Christopher D. Dowell CPA November 7, 2022

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Property Manager With Cat Sensitivity

I volunteered to let Dr. Welch treat me for cat sensitivity at a lecture he did for our business network almost one year ago.  I was very sensitive to cats with all the usual Eye, Sinus, and breathing symptoms.    It is amazing cats no longer bother me after just one fifteen-minute treatment, unbelievable.

Kim Schwab Property Manager November 7, 2022

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Pueblo Homemaker With Multiple Seasonal and Food Health Stressors

A friend told us about Dr. Welch and the AAT technology.  Of course, we were very skeptical but also looking to try almost anything to be free of the restrictions on our lives.  It has literally given us our lives back.  We are free again.

Shirley Breedlove Longtime Client November 7, 2022

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Homemakers Husband Who Suffered From Multiple Food Related Health Stressors

When I first went to see Dr. Welch, I told my wife we are probably buying a pig in a poke.  I am here to tell you that these treatments and this technology are life-changing

Tony Breedlove Longtime Client November 7, 2022

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Homebound Patient Due to Severe Reaction to Airborne Health Stressors

I have suffered from sensitivities to perfumes, soaps, cleaning products, basically whatever seemed to be in the air for about fifteen years.  I was literally afraid to leave my house for the last three years because my symptoms got so bad.  (After treatments for numerous health stressors with AAT) I am so glad to be able live again after 15 years of suffering.  I really recommend this AAT technology even to those who suffer from only a few health stressors related sensitivities.

Deborah Brothers Patient November 7, 2022

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Pueblo Man With Life Long Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

I had taken allergy shots and pills for many years for my seasonal allergies that bothered me most in the spring and fall of the year.  My allergist told me years ago I could try to stop the treatments which were supposed to desensitize me to all these airborne pollens.

I stopped treatments for one year only to have all of my allergy symptoms return the next year.  In 2007 I learned about the AAT treatments for health stressors from Dr. Welch.

I went through a series of treatments, one for each of my health stressors.  Since those treatments in 2007 I have had no further need for shots or allergy pills.  I am symptom free!

Herb Meneely Patient November 7, 2022

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Office Manager with Motion Sickness

Traveling on airplanes and in the back seats of vehicles always made me nauseous and uncomfortable.  After being tested and treated for the motion sensitivity health stressors with the AAT Technology by Dr. Welch I have noticed great improvement with this condition.”

Rhonda Raye Patient November 7, 2022

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Retired Pueblo Teacher With Facial Rash

I developed a rash on my face and neck about three years ago.  After seeing a medical doctor and being given medication including prednisone and various ointments, my condition, which caused burning and itching, continued.  I heard about Dr. Welch from a

advertisement ran in the local newspaper by his clinic. I was impressed that the treatments were noninvasive and did not involve drugs.   Out of desperation, I decided to give him a try.  He found that I showed sensitivity to certain types of naturally occurring skin fungus.  One treatment for this health stressor and within two days my rash was gone.  I eventually needed two more treatments to keep this rash clear.  That was over three years ago and that particular rash has never returned.

Patricia Muniz Patient November 7, 2022

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Teacher From Longmont Colorado With Chronic Sinus Problems

It would start every September when school began, one sinus infection after another, I would go to my medical doctor and receive round after round of antibiotics each year.

I suffered from chronic sinusitis for years.  In 2007 I heard about AAT technology and went to Pueblo for a week and a half to get daily treatments for the mold and fungal health stressors that Dr. Welch identified in my first session.  I had two treatments per day. (The maximum that can be given with this method) each and every day I was in Pueblo. Since I have had those treatments my sinus condition has greatly improved.  My need for medical intervention with antibiotics has greatly decreased.  (Until recently I had not had any but then on a trip to the south I picked something up and had to go on these medications.)  I would recommend these treatments to anyone suffering from a chronic sinus condition.

Bernadette Tharp Teacher November 7, 2022

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Women With Multiple Chemical and Airborne Health Stressors

I suffered from a very persistent, wracking, and almost paralyzing cough for five years, prior to seeing Dr. Welch.  I had been to numerous doctors, including pulmonologists, allergists, etc. in 3 different states; but to no avail.  I was on several medications including huge doses of prednisone, every antihistamine, decongestant, inhaler, cough medication, nasal spray, and antibiotic on the market. I was most recently told I had Reactive Airway Inflammatory Disease (RAID).  In July of 2008, a friend told me about Dr. Welch and the AAT Treatments.  I was skeptical but willing to try anything at that point.  Dr. Welch identified my triggers that he calls “health stressors.”

I received treatments for most of these and now I am off all my medications.  I can report that although occasionally something will trigger a cough, I am amazed at the difference in my health, as are my family, friends, and primary care physician.  Thank you, Dr. Welch, you have made a profound difference in my quality of life!

(Full testimonial on file at clinic)

Jeanne Cormier Patient November 7, 2022