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  1. How much do these types of allergy treatments cost?

Currently I am charging one hundred dollars ($125) for evaluations and fifty dollars ($65) for an allergy treatment. (Pueblo Clinic fees only!) I reserve the right to change this price at any time based on demand and or advertising and promotion costs.  You can always call and ask what is being charged at the time you make an appointment.

  1. Do the treatments involve Chiropractic manipulations or adjustments?

No, the AAT method does not involve Chiropractic manipulations, needles, pills,

herbal patches or supplements.  The treatments involve a gentle stimulation

of points along the spine as depicted in the DVD.

  1. Since I have seasonal allergies, will I have to repeat these treatments several times

each year or once a year?

Based on a decade of clinical data from Australia, once the AAT method is used to clear

up allergic symptoms to a particular substance less than twenty percent (20%) of the

patients ever need to be treated for that particular antigen again.

  1. How many treatments will I need?

That depends on how many allergens you are reacting to.  Typically it is one treatment

per allergen, or allergen family.  If you react to one or two substances, then you will only

require one or two treatments in most cases.  If you have seasonal allergies to twenty different allergens, then it will take around twenty treatments to clear all your allergic symptoms. It is very affordable on any budget since you can determine how often you want to schedule a treatment.  You can schedule one treatment a month or longer for those on a fixed income or a budget. If you are in a hurry and money is not an issue we can do two treatments per day as long as we spread the treatments out at least two hours apart and it fits into our appointment schedule.

  1. How do you test me for the allergens?

The AAT method currently uses what is called Muscle Response Testing.  This form of

testing has been around for decades and is used in Chiropractic and other practices.  It

involves muscle testing.  It is very gentle and how and why it works so well will be

explained to you at the time of the evaluation.  It is certainly nothing to be afraid of, as it is painless.

  1. Will my insurance cover all or part of these treatment costs?

No.  Currently third party payers consider the AAT method experimental even though it

Has a ten-year history in Australia.  It will probably be a long time before insurance will

Cover these procedures simply because powerful interests in the form of the

Pharmaceutical companies will oppose anything that does not involve drugs, Claritin,

The allergy medication makes them billions of dollars yearly.


  1. Will the AAT method work for a life-threatening allergy to peanuts or bee stings, etc?

No, absolutely not!  If you have an anaphylactic or life-threatening type of allergy to something like peanuts or bee stings or any other substance AAT is not recommended for you.  If you carry what is called an Epi-pen, you likely have a life-threatening allergy and should not be treated by the AAT method for that particular allergen.  You can still be treated for other non-life threatening allergies however.